Celebrate 10 years with us! 

October 1, the beginning of the tenth month of the year, marks our tenth anniversary! Help us raise $10,000 for each of our programs and ensure a successful start to our next 10 years. 

In 2007 we set out to rethink community development. Since then, we have transformed one of Denver's most economically marginalized neighborhoods, Westwood, into a thriving resilient community. How? By increasing access to healthy food through our programs.

In honor of our 10th anniversary on this 10th month of the year, help us raise $10,000 for our Re:Unite program, which is dedicated to developing resident leaders by bringing the community together through educational educational opportunities. Our Promotoras are the heart of our organization and we could not do what we do without them. Not only do they run our Re:Farm program, they teach nutrition and cooking classes at La Cocina and help community members navigate often times cumbersome community assistance programs like SNAP. We’ve promoted three women to program managers and need to support them with professional development training. We also need to support our Promotoras by making some necessary updates to La Cocina, so that our community learning space is up to par.


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